Godox v860ii Part 2

September 13, 2017


So at the time of writing, the Godox v860ii is £160ish on Amazon, the TT685n is £96ish and the Nikon SB5000 is £569! The eagle eyed may notice that the prices have gone up since my original review of the TT685 but that was done before Brexit and the prices in this review are current as of July 2016 post Brexit.

So which flash is THE best? I’d say if you don’t care about price then it has to be the Nikon. I don’t doubt that it will be the best built and last longer. But £569??? For that you can buy a v860ii and still have change left over to get the Godox AD200!

That’s a lot of money to pay for a speedlight and the SB5000 wireless features don’t even work on any Nikon older than the D500.

However, this is a review about the v860ii and here it gets a bit more complicated.  In my opinion, if you are on a budget then quite simply get the TT685.  The li-on battery raises the price significantly and for most, I think the TT685 would be enough.

But if you are shooting multiple events, back to back then I do think it would be worth upgrading to the v860ii.  Not having to charge the speedlight again after each wedding has saved me a lot of time when I return home from a wedding and need to prepare for another the next day.  That perk alone has made me upgrade from the TT685’s to the v860’s.

I hope you’ve found this review useful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

**UPDATE Godox v860ii-S​**

In the past few months I’ve switched from using Nikon to Sony.  As part of that move, I’ve invested in both a TT685S and also the v860ii-S which is my workhorse.

Unfortunately i’ve found that the hotshoe really is the weak part of the flash.  The speedlight uses the wheel to tighten it onto the hotshoe. I think as a result, the neck seems to be a bit longer.  This is made from plastic and I’ve found that over time, this snaps off.

I suspect this is as a result of the swaying motion if like me you use a Spider Holster or any strap system where your camera dangles upside down whilst you walk.

Right now I seem to have to replace the hotshoe every few weddings.  To the point where I have made a video to help others having the same problem.

I’ve asked around and anecdotally I think this is worse for Sony users than Canon/Nikon but I’ve not done any deep research into this.

The ‘good news’ (if you can call it that) is replacement hotshoes can be purchased from eBay for around £10-£12 and as the above video shows, they are very easy to fit.



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