Currently I can see the Godox TT685N on eBay for £71.80 which is about 1/3 the price of the Nikon SB-910 and in line it’s competitors who are all between £65-£90ish give or take.

With that in mind it’s hard to argue that this flash isn’t good value given the feature set and the built in triggers, both slave and master mode.

On paper it does absolutely everything I want it to do plus a few things I wish they didn’t (Hello optical mode I mean you!). The hotshoe issue shook my faith a little and it really isn’t the most intuitive flash to start using.

Let’s be honest. I am a bit disappointed in that the TT685n isn’t perfect. It has a few annoying quirks and bugs that I hope Godox can sort. But I’m really appreciating the time saving and simplicity of being able to use each flash as a master controller and to control the AD-360 as well as in the future any other TT685’s. It’s just given me time back and is more flexible for the way I work.

I’ve just ordered a couple more of these so I can continue to unify my equipment. The build quality is still my biggest concern. The hotshoe really. So I hope the new ones prove this was a one off quality issue rather than sloppy engineering. The loose white card is a minor annoyance but again it just puts that little niggle in my mind about how sturdy it will continue to be when used professionally.

It isn’t a flash I would recommend for an amateur photographer looking for their first speedlight. The menu options are just too confusing due to the amount of features it has. For them I would recommend either the Shanny SN600SN or Pixel X800N standard. For the way I work, the pluses outweigh the minuses. If you are a professional wedding photographer then I would certainly urge you to give this range serious consideration.

Where to buy

Personally I’ve always purchased all my Godox gear from Amazon UK.  This is mainly because I’m an Amazon Prime member and I can get things delivered the very next day.

If you are planning on buying the TT685 as your speedlight then please consider using the following link to help me fund future reviews and my hosting costs.

Godox TT685 Speedlight from Amazon UK